After being asked to create video art for the film which was used in projections for the interview scenes, I was asked back to work with Jason Mendez, one of the films producers (and also an Art Director), on the rest of the visual package for the film. This ended up including: the opening sequence, the film title logo & animation, animation sequences for the 3 team's introductions, name cards, end credits and glitch animations sprinkled throughout the film. We brought Mark Kulakoff, who gave us some amazing work that was essential to the glitches, and a lot of other awesome animations that sadly didn't make it into the final product.

The title reveal for Seed. The logo was done by Jason Mendez, and I did all other design and animation.
This is an early version of the end titles that I just happen to like slightly more than the final, even if though there are a few mistakes in it. In this specific sequence, I did all the background video art, animation, and editing while Jason Mendez did all the impeccable typography.
Below are a bunch of frames from various concepts that got thrown out over the process of zeroing in on the final treatment, Most are from an opening graphic sequence that existed in several forms before finally going away completely, but there are a few early concepts in there as well.
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